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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning. thanks for joining me i'm carol costello. election day draws closer and this morning cnn redraws the electoral map painting florida and nevada yellow meaning they're now battleground states that are just too close to call. they are no longer leaning democrat. still by our count, if the election were held today, clinton has locked down more than enough electoral votes to win. but there are still a dozen days before voters head to the polls, so the campaigns are stomping on the gas. donald trump has three stops in the critical state of ohio. hillary clinton appears in north carolina. with her not so secret weapon michelle obama and trump this morning doubling down that there will be no guarantees if he loses. >> if she wins, are you prepared to work with her? >> i just want to make that decision at a later date. i'm not saying i'm not or i am. hopefully i won't have to make that decision. i really believe we're going to win. >> we're covering it all.
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chris frates in springfield, ohio, where trump holds his first rally of today and joe johnson is following the clinton campaign. let's start with you, chris. good morning. >> good morning, carol. well donald trump coming back to battleground ohio where a couple of the most recent polls showing him tide with hillary clinton, including this suffolk university poll showing him 45-45 with hillary clinton. so he starts his day here in springfield, ohio. and that's between columbus and dayton, an area that's been really hard-hit over the last 15 years. median household income in springfield down more than 25%. that is huge. it's the biggest decrease in the nation. and 15% of adults here in springfield have a college education. so this really should be trump country. and he's hoping that message resonates with voters here. in fact he gave us maybe a little preview of what he's going to say later today when he went on "good morning america" hitting hillary clinton for her e-mails, and throwing some serious shade at the fbi director.
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>> she's so guilty. she deleted 33,000 e-mails. they're missing boxes of e-mails. she's so guilty. how can she enrun? but there's such anger in this country over what she got away with. >> the fbi director appointed by a republican said no legal prosecutor would bring such a case. >> she made a mistake or whatever. i don't even call it a mistake. i think something happened. something happened. >> what -- >> i think somebody talked to him. i think -- hey look, how can president clinton, when -- >> so -- the fbi is corrupt? >> george, george, she's so guilty. congress sends a subpoena. she deletes all of her e-mails. okay. she deletes them. >> so donald trump there questioning james comey's decision not to bring any criminal charges in that e-mail investigation. not providing any evidence that there was any corruption there but somehow suggesting it.
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now he may make those kinds of rhetorical points here in ohio today. in fact, if you want to understand how important this state is to the trump campaign, just look at how many times he's been here. more than any other state since he took the nomination in cleveland in july. twelve visits here. 21 events. that continues today. he starts here in springfield. then he goes on to toledo, then geneva, ohio. tim kaine campaigning here, as well. and his running mate, hillary clinton, she's hitting another swing state north carolina with michelle obama today, carol. >> all right, chris frates reporting live from springfield, ohio. part of hillary clinton's plan to be the next president of the white house involves one of its current occupants michelle obama. the first lady has earned high marks for her appearances on the campaign trail. today she takes it to a new level making her first joint appearance with clinton all of this as wikileaks releases new e-mails showing even clinton's staff worried about possible
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conflict within the clinton foundation. cnn's joe johns has more on that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. stolen e-mails but they continue to shed light not just on the campaign but on the clintons as a moneymaking machine. this is a document written to shed light on the clinton foundation's activities apparently written by doug band, who is a key assistant to former president clinton, and helped found the clinton global initiative. it says in part since 2001, president clinton's business arrangements have yielded more than $30 million for him personally, with $66 million to be paid out over the next nine years should he choose to continue with current engagements. important to say, cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of documents like this. and there's been no finding of any type of inappropriate quid pro quo involving any of the foundation's activities, and the federal government. in fact, the clinton campaign has denied that any such quid
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pro quo has ever existed. we do, though, have bigger picture, a second graphic that appears to show just a little bit of a breakdown of president bill clinton's secured paid speeches and donors of the clinton foundation, ubs, $900,000 from 2011 to 2012. ericsson, $1,150,000. bhp, $175,000 in 2012. lightning $1 million. barclays $700,000. it goes on and on. so a lot of money involved. a lot of donors. and more issues out there from the wikileaks stolen e-mails that perhaps hillary clinton campaign has to deal with. carol? >> all right, joe johns reporting live from washington. thank you. so let's talk about all this. with me now is jason johnson politics editor, and jay newton small "time" magazine contributor also the author of broad influence how women are changing the way america works.
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thanks both of you for being with me this morning. >> glad to be here. >> good morning. >> good morning. so jason, it's interesting that mr. trump finally sat down with a network other than fox news and this interview included his whole family. smart strategy with just twelve days to go? >> i think, carol, it's a very, very smart strategy on the part of donald trump. i think that a lot of the things that he's done since the third debate are things he should have been doing earlier. he's laid out specific plans. he's taking time with his family. he has his wife melania out speaking. i think had he showed this side of himself throughout the debates he would be in a better position now. but at the end of the day, you know, turn views, whether it's a hostile environment, or a friendly environment, that's not changing what's happening on the ground. and the trump campaign is still behind when it comes to get out the vote and getting people to the polls. and that should be a primary concern. >> still just the sight of mr. trump sitting beside his wife and talking about these, these, accusations that these women have that you know billy
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bush tape was discovered on that bus and i just want to play you a bit of what melania trump and donald trump had to say about those women. >> you said at the third debate you didn't apologize to her about the women -- >> the stories are all totally false. i have to say that. and i didn't even apologize to my wife who is sitting right here, balls i didn't do anything. >> is that okay with you? >> they were -- they were lies. and as i said before, all the accusations, they should be handled in a court of law. >> so you believe the lawsuit should go forward? >> yes, i believe that. and because to accuse somebody without evidence, it's very hurtful. and it's very damaging. and unfair. and -- but honestly, do we still need to talk about that? i think american people want to hear the problems that we have in america. >> okay. so i was hoping we would see donald trump and melania trump sitting side by side because we
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don't get to see that very often but jay mr. trump also said that melania will deliver two speeches. so, could that help him with women? >> that's certainly the aim here. and there's nobody who understands women's votes better than kellyanne conway who is donald trump's campaign manager. and that's a really crucial vote for him. he's got to drive out, particularly white women, where he's been losing a lot of ground in the last month. he was almost tide going in to the debates, on the -- basically on the strength of the white women's vote and he's lost a lot of ground with them in the last month. showing up now with his wife, with his family, with melania, you know, being seen as a family man, being seen as a man whose kids are incredibly popular, she's very popular, so it really does help. and that's what they're trying to get back. they're trying to rewin those white women who've gone away from him in the last month. >> i want to center a little bit on the wikileaks, the new information coming out of those hacked e-mails. right? and, and you saw joe johns
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reporting that jason that mr. clinton made enormous amounts of money in >> right. >> from pearce companies for giving speeches. will that hurt? will that resonate with voters who are undecided? >> carol, i think one of the most important things that joe mentioned also is that we haven't been able to authenticate these things. and i think what we always have to remember with wikileaks is we know what julian assange is doing. and we know that these are hacked e-mails. they were stolen by the russians. so we have to always be careful about how much credibility we really give them. so i don't think they're going to make that much of a difference in the campaign. but we always have to look at where this information is coming from before we begin to accuse the clinton administration or anybody else of malfeasance. you just can't trust something that comes from a stolen russian hack. >> jay, do people realize this? >> i mean i think it's a point that's not made often enough. because it's presented so often as just factual and news as if wikileaks was automatic, right? and so it's really interesting to see the kind of odd bedfellows that it created this time around.
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for example sean hannity a decade ago was saying that julian assange should be tried for treason, and now he's like oh, wikileaks is great. we should totally trust what they're putting out. and, there's clearly political motivations going on here. there's clearly a motivation for there to be malfeasance here, for there to be people to place wrong information here. and so, without knowing what's right and wrong and what documents have been proven false it's very dangerous to report on them as facts. >> right. >> interestingly in that interview on gma mr. trump said there's no clear connection that the russian government is behind the wikileaks drop. he denies that -- that there is any connection once again and he also talked about mr. khan who's son was killed in iraq because as you know mr. khan is campaigning for hillary clinton now so this is what mr. trump said about that. >> if i were president at that time, captain khan would be alive today, george. because i wouldn't have been in
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iraq. had i been president captain khan would be alive today. we wouldn't have been in this horrible, horrible mistake, the war in iraq. >> and then he went on to say that he greatly admired mr. khan's son, and called him a hero. thoughts, jason? >> first off, i love this butterfly effect foreign policy that donald trump seems to have, if i was here, this wouldn't have happened. first off he doesn't know that. right? second knowing the sort of aggressive foreign policy that donald trump has talked about where he wants to nuclear this particular area, go after the families of other people, he has no ability to say who would or would not be alive. so i think the whole thing is sort of inappropriate and rather tacky to be talking about a family being attacked. but this sultly the issue. the trump campaign has been active in making pushes in the hindi community and the muslim community. it'sen attempt for him to sort of clean up his image as an anti-muslim, anti-southeast asian bigot. i don't think it's going to make a difference.
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i think the khan family with the commercial they've got running right now make it very clear that they support hillary clinton and i think a lot of asian-americans and muslim americans will, as well. >> but, jay, do you really think there are many undecided voters out there? does any of this really matter? >> i mean, it's sort of amazing that the silent majority is the big question of the campaign, right? like does the silent majority actually list, are they really not -- not being heard at this point? and is there anyone left who has not decided who they're going to vote for? but i do want to just touch on something that jason said, this is -- donald trump is on the record, and there's tape of him saying this, he supported the invasion of iraq. >> right. >> so the idea that we wouldn't be in iraq under his if he had been president at the time is just not true. because, i mean it's like he conveniently forgets the fact that he actually at the time supported the invasion, and it's just sort of completely whitewashing this and saying no that's not what i said. or no i didn't somehow support the invasion of iraq. and so, it definitely is kind of
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a really crazy thing to -- to say at this point, that this wouldn't have happened in this sort 6 alternate universe. >> all right i have to leave it there. jason johnson, jay newton-small thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom" trump on a mission to make the rest belt red. his tactic, one word. jobs. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. ♪ sing girl, come on. ♪[ singing ]♪ sorry, ariana you gotta go. seriously? verizon limits me and i gotta get home.
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donald trump says he wants to make america great again but new cnn polls show many americans think things aren't really that bad. 54% of likely voters say things are actually going well in the country. cnn's michelle kosinski live with more on this poll. she's at the white house. good morning. >> yeah, carol, there's a lot to digest in some of these new numbers. and that's interesting when you talk about the 54% who say, right, things are going fine. things are going well right now. in america. now, if just over half doesn't
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exactly not your socks off you have to consider that that is the highest that that number has been during the entirety of president obama's time in office. and when you look at that number just back in january, the very start of this year, that number was only at 42%. so the white house likes this number because they like to say look at the dark picture republicans are painting about life in america today. and they try to counter that whenever possible. but i should say, when you look at other polls that ask people how do you think the direction of america is going? do you think it's headed in the right direction? that's when a good two-thirds of people, at least, say no. so when you look at these kinds of polls, most americans feel things are going pretty well in america right now. but they don't necessarily think that's going to continue down the road. that could be because of gridlock in congress that they always hear about. could just be because of the upcoming elections. a lot of factors at play in there. there is good news for president obama though that his approval
6:20 am
numbers are at 55%. again it's not that much more than half. but these are bill clintonesque numbers. when he was at this point in his time in office he was at 57%. by comparison, reagan was at 51%. george w. bush at 27%. another interesting aspect of this new polling is that respondents said about 70% of them that they thought hillary clinton would follow the policies of president obama. but, 40% of people thought that was a bad thing. and there are similar numbers actually for donald trump. that 70% about of people said that they thought he would not follow along the same ideological lines as republican leaders and 40% thought that was a bad thing. so tells you a lot kind of about where people's heads are out there. they're very split. also along party lines, as usual. but at least it tells you that you know in certain areas those numbers are increasing for people thinking that the status
6:21 am
quo might not be so bad after all carol. >> all right. michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house. thank you. donald trump canvassing ohio today, making three stops in this critical battleground state. trump is trying to hold on to slipping support across the rust belt where polls show him tied with clinton now in ohio and trailing in michigan and pennsylvania. and he's been using the familiar rallying cry. >> we will rebuild our navy and we will do it with american steel, made right here in pennsylvania. >> early on trump's message resonated strongly with working-class americans. so, what changed? let's talk about that. i'm joined by former ohio deputy attorney general mark weaver. welcome, mark. >> good morning from ohio, carol. >> good morning. from my home state. welcome. you know, you know what columbus monthly called you don't you? columbus monthly is an ohio magazine. it called you the olivia pope of ohio.
6:22 am
>> yeah, she has much better fashion taste than i do. >> i would have to agree with you there. but still that means you're a mighty fine crisis manager, right? so what advice would you give to donald trump as he makes his way across ohio today? >> well, he's going to be in three places today. he comes here a lot. he needs to. ohio is the ultimate swing state. we tend to mirror national interests and profiles, and so he needs to be talking about issues. not some of these sidelining stuff that has gotten him off track. he needs to talk about change. the numbers that you just reported on about people not liking the track that the country is on. they think we're going in the wrong direction. he needs to speak to those issues, if he does he can win ohio. >> well let me let me focus on that for just a second mark. when people say the country's going in the wrong direction what do you think they mean by that? >> well, it's interesting. i look at these polls every day, both nationally and state.
6:23 am
people in ohio say that ohio's going in the right direction, but they say america's going in the wrong direction. that's usually a vote of no confidence in the national government. both congress and the presidency. and so, that's typically a change environment. voters want change. donald trump may be many things, good and bad, but one thing he is is change. >> but one thing people don't like about washington is the gridlock. and i haven't heard much from either country or candidate rather about how they're going to reach across the aisle and actually work with the other side. >> have you? >> that's an ohio -- people here in ohio are angry at the parties. they think that both sides are so dug in they're unwilling to compromise. and when we talk to voters all around the country, particularly in swing state ohio they want to see both sides reach across the aisle and i think either candidate has an opportunity to talk about that in this election. >> so, so when donald trump continues these, these vicious
6:24 am
attacks on hillary clinton, and hillary clinton continues these vicious attacks on donald trump, you know, does that resonate at all with voters or just kind of make them more depressed? >> i think you put your finger on it. makes them more depressed. people are tired of this atmosphere. most americans have made up their mind about whether or not they like hillary clinton or donald trump. there's a very small group of folks who are still wondering, this is going to be a turnout election. and sometimes negativity depresses turnout. we'll all be watching with interest to see what the turnout here in ohio and across the country. i frankly don't think we will reach the high points of 2008, 2012 but we'll see in two weeks. >> we'll keep an eye on it. mark weaver thanks for joining me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump may have written the art of the deal but michelle obama is making a name for herself as the closer. and in north carolina today the stakes could not be higher. first moments away from the opening bell on wall street.
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investors sorting through another flood of corporate earnings and new concerns this morning about the health of the housing market. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. >> if you look at the economy at the moment the housing market is the strongest part. it's hot but it's not housing crisis bubble hot. you know the kind that we had ten years ago. yes, housing prices just keep going up and up, and that's causing some concern. but we are starting to see some indicators that cracks may be forming. case in point, look at these two companies. appliance giant whirlpool, and paint manufacturer sherwin williams, these two could be considered canaries in a housing kool mine. they issued disappointing earnings and week forecasts. their stocks tanked yesterday along with home improvement store shares as well. what we could be seeing here is a cooling off that could be happening in the housing market. it's really not such a bad thing when you see the high home prices keeping first-time buyers out of the game despite
6:26 am
relatively low mart rates and it's those rates that are helping to boost demand for housing. the question is for how long. the federal reserve is expected to raise rates in december, and then several times next year. so that could push mortgage rates higher. so, to really see if there's a trend here hrks carol, the thing to do is see if weak earnings from companies related to the housing market, if these week earnings are a blitz or whether the housing market really is in danger of peaking. all right. alison kosik reporting live this morning. the new cnn money app is here your favorite business topics all in one feed every story hand picked just for you download it now on your iphone or android device. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. president obama's approval ratings are strong and michelle obama's are even stronger. that's why she's in the crucial state of north carolina today. where aides say she will give her closing argument for hillary clinton. shifting her focus from donald trump to hillary clinton's strengths. north carolina is a must-win for donald trump, too. he was there yesterday. but new polling shows clinton right now leads in that state by seven points. and she's hoping the first lady can help seal the deal. mrs. obama now headlining a new pro-clinton ad that unabashedly celebrates female accomplishments. ♪ ♪ a woman together a smile ♪ that's right
6:32 am
women are smarter ♪ ♪ smarter than >> let's talk about that. with me now is patsy kiefer the chairwoman of the north carolina democratic party and the president of the north carolina federation of republican women. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, and thank you for being here. zan you saw that ad it plays up female empowerment. would it resonate in north carolina? >> i believe that north carolina has an exciting day ahead. election day. where we will go and vote for our entire strong republican ticket. we hope to replicate the results of 2012, when the republican ticket from top to bottom was strong in north carolina. >> right. but do you think that ad would resonate among women in north carolina? >> perhaps. perhaps. media messages of all types are being attempted at this time in our state. we are a battleground state. >> so patsy, your view? would that ad resonate with the women in north carolina?
6:33 am
>> well, i'm sorry to say i haven't seen the ad but i can't wait to see it. and yes i'm sure it absolutely will. i think people are very excited, particularly today, to have mrs. obama coming in to winston salem with secretary clinton. i know that's -- i'm on my way there as soon as we finish this interview. i know there are a lot of people excited about it. >> zan from a republican perspective, does this worry republicans that michelle obama has been so effective on the trail, at least in democrats' minds? >> that is definitely a democrats' mind. but we welcome and invite republicans, unaffiliated, and democrats to consider the strong republican ticket that we offer in north carolina. and again, the results in 2012 were not -- >> right but does -- is michelle
6:34 am
obama an effective spokesperson for hillary clinton? >> i am certain that michelle obama is an effective spokeswoman for hillary clinton. >> okay. so, patsy, mr. trump was in your state yesterday. he unveiled a new deal for black america. he did that in charlotte. but again he outlined his plan to a mostly white audience. so does that really resonate with african-americans within the state? >> i don't think so. i think african-americans within north carolina are very much behind secretary clinton. they're excited about her being our next president. i know mr. trump is going to do everything that he can, and as he should, you know, we're in a presidential election. but we are very optimistic. we're keeping our fingers crossed. i think the most important thing for everybody is to get the vote out. people to go to the polt. and we've had great results at
6:35 am
the polls so far. so we're very excited about the numbers. >> right, so zan -- >> republicans -- >> -- oh, go ahead. >> we definitely have noted an excitement. and what i was going to point out is that what is not resonating with north carolinians are the skyrocketing rates in health care. at the same time that people are receiving their absentee ballots, to complete them and return them, and cast their votes, they're receiving their notices of premium hikes, rate increases, reduced coverage, and three providers in our state and all over the country, and so i hope that voters do give that -- >> well, zan, i do -- i do want to -- i do want to ask you about obamacare within north carolina. because you're right, premiums will rise 20% for some customers, and of course mr. trump has been hammering that issue. but obamacare is very popular in north carolina. according to the charlotte observer, it has the fourth highest enrollment in the entire
6:36 am
country. more than half a million people in north carolina are enrolled in obamacare. so, will they be for, you know, getting rid of obamacare and replacing it with something else? >> i believe so. because when you dig deeper than the headlines in the charlotte observer, and when families have to confront paying their bills, and balancing their budgets, i think that people will make some critical and some difficult decisions this year. perhaps it's not -- it's not been apparent until now, exactly how devastating the destruction of health care has been in our country. >> but still, zan, if -- if north carolina has half a million people on obamacare, enrolled in obamacare, if -- if obamacare is repealed where do they go? have you heard from mr. trump what happens to those people?
6:37 am
>> i don't have the specific plan but i do know he has a website. and i imagine that upon his election, he will consult the best and the brightest, and develop some options that will be better for all of north carolina. not just a half a million that may be on obamacare at this time. we -- >> patsy -- >> we should develop a health care system that's responsive to something that's good for all 9 million north carolinians. >> well i think everybody would agree with you there. so patsy, mrs. clinton says she wants to fix obamacare. do you know specifically how she might do that? >> well, of course not. but i think the point is obamacare has done tremendous good for north carolinians, has allowed children up to 26 to stay on their parents' health care, which has been extremely helpful to so many. and it has gotten rid of, you know, the preconditions. so i think it's done so much good already that certainly we
6:38 am
would not want to repeal it. that would be ridiculous. what we do want to do, though, is to fix some of those things. but right now the point is not obamacare, the point is who do you want to be the president of your nation? and do you want somebody who is experienced, and level headed, and has been working all of her life to help people? or do you want billionaire businessman? who you know we don't know what he's going to do. so i think that in north carolina, the vast majority are going to choose secretary clinton, as they should. >> -- on election day -- >> and i would guess that people -- >> and that is -- >> so -- >> all right i got to leave it there. >> early voting is important. >> thanks to both of you. thank you so much for being with me. running from isis with white flags flying. new video shows families escaping as iraqi forces push forward toward mosul.
6:39 am
we'll take you to the front lines next. we could focus on bi, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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iraqi troops backed up by u.s. special forces and air power liberating dozens of villages from isis. a woman raised an iraqi flag as she makes her way to safety. children hold white flags, too, to make sure they're not fired upon by mistake. and so families flee the fighting, u.s. military officials say nearly 1,000 isis fighters have been killed. thousands more are inside mosul, waiting. mosul isn't the only goal. the defense secretary ash carter says u.s. and coalition forces will go after isis in raqqah, syria, within weeks. michael holmes is near mosul with more. hi, michael. >> hi to you, carol. you mentioned american air power. not 30 seconds ago, what appeared to be a 500 pound bomb dropped not too far away, which is an indication of just how impressive that power has been. it's the second one to be dropped over there in the last
6:44 am
hour or so. bashika is a strategically important town about 20 kilometers from mosul. as this offensive continues you've got peshmerga fighters some four kilometers from mosul. you've also got an iraqi counterintelligence unit we're being told who are within eye shot of mosul. an important town, about 10 or 15 kilometers south of mosul, surrounded by iraqi forces inside we're told foreign fighters from chechnya, from tunisia, from morocco. this is still a hard fight, and not all units are up around mosul. there's still a lot more to be done. inside the city, preparations have been made, suicide bombers, hundreds of them, we're told, have been brought in to the city from syria, and those reports coming from residents inside. also we're told of the positioning of dozens and dozens of truck and car bombs ready for when this assault begins. and even katyusha rocket
6:45 am
launchers placed on three sides of the city. all of this, as you said, the defense secretary ash carter pointing out that raqqah in syria is next on the list, and the campaign to take over the isis de facto headquarters could well overlap with the mosul campaign, as well. it's going to be a very different battle. for one thing the two cities are in different countries here in iraq. there is a central government controlling the fight with the help, of course, of the u.s. and others and peshmerga fighters. but in syria, central government not involved. it's going to be up to local fighters to do the hard work with a lot of help from american air power. carol? >> michael holmes reporting live near mosul, iraq, this morning. a horrific bombing out of southwestern syria. at least 20 children have been killed after preregime warplanes bombed a school complex. 15 adults also died. the toll is expected to rise as crews continue to search through the rubble. activists blame syrian military
6:46 am
and russian warplanes. the attack happened as students were leaving three schools in a rebel-held village. unicef says this was deliberate. it's a war crime. transports you into the world which is our main goal as animators and you can actually touch the screen... you can't do that on a mac.
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6:50 am
donald trump's business is under siege thanks in part to his presidential run. trump insisting his brand is hotter than ever, even as scandals and fiery rhetoric push people and organizations away. cnn's miguel marquez has more. good morning. >> good morning to you. it seems that mr. trump is having issues with his name these days, testing the boundaries of that axiom any
6:51 am
p.r. is good p.r. the question is whether voters and consumers are just tired of that five-letter word, trump. trump in business mode. his presidential bid on brief hold. >> as soon as we're finished cutting the ribbon, i'm off to north carolina, new hampshire and back down to florida. >> reporter: but the suggestion by cnn's dana bash that he's putting business ahead of politics? >> for you to ask me that question is actually very insulting, because hillary clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps. >> reporter: trump's brand, his name, being hammered literally on hollywood's walk of fame over remarks he's made on and off the campaign trail. three democratic senators urging the u.s. golf association to move the women's tournament from trump's new jersey golf club. the usga for now says it's staying, but in june, a pga
6:52 am
tournament moved from trump's florida golf club to mexico when enough sponsorships couldn't be acquired. at some manhattan buildings bearing the trump name, residents now petitioning to have the golden letters removed. >> why should he get part of my rent and why should his name be on there? >> reporter: there are signs trump's white house bid is hurting his brand. his latest hotel, not called trump at all. instead. scion. serta, macy's and una vision have cut ties with trump. today, protests outside trump's new d.c. hotel as he cut the official ribbon inside. chef jose andres pulled his restaurant from the project over the candidate's remarks about immigration. trump sued and in a deposition insisted everything on the business front is a-okay. >> what impact do you think your political campaign has had on the success of your hotels?
6:53 am
>> i don't think it's had much. >> reporter: but at his mar-a-lago in florida, the susan g. komen breast cancer fund-raiser is set to move to a new location. the foundation declined to comment to cnn. a spokesperson for the trump organization says the brand remains incredibly strong, that they have tremendous success across their business units, but did not say whether or not revenue is up throughout the year. hope hicks said if you take the names of trump off his buildings, that the worth, the value of the buildings, will come down. >> miguel marquez, thank you. still to come, it has been one nasty campaign season but one candidate's ad going viral. just makes you feel good as an american. let's watch. >> please re-elect gerald. please. ♪[ singing ]♪
6:54 am
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6:58 am
political spouses typically appear in ads to help their partner get elected but one texas candidate's wife is literally pleading with voters to send her husband back to office. more now from jeanne moos. >> reporter: had enough of trump bashing clinton? >> how did hillary end up filthy rich? >> reporter: and clinton bashing trump? >> he's a con artist. >> a phony. >> reporter: maybe you would prefer a political ad in which a wife begs voters to relieve her of her husband, a number-crunching nerd. >> it costs about $103 a day. >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. >> so is he always like that? >> yeah. all the time. >> reporter: he is gerald daugherty, a republican running to be a travis county, texas commissioner with a little eye-rolling help from his wife of 21 years. does your wife really roll her eyes that often? >> she actually does.
6:59 am
she didn't have to take but two or three takes on that. >> most people leave their work at the office. >> we have three light rail cars. you can put 60 people on each car. even if you add two cars -- >> reporter: do you really like your light rail cars well done? >> you know, my opponent, i asked him is there anything you didn't like about the ad. he said i think the meat was overcooked. >> reporter: gerald's political consultant dreamed up the ad inspired by "the office." it took six hours to shoot. the neighbors were played by friends. >> all he wants to do is fix things. >> quite frankly, it's not a code violation. >> i think i like helping around the house here. >> please re-elect gerald. please. >> reporter: gerald thinks his ad went viral because humor takes the edge off the rancor of the 2016 campaign. do you think your wife really wants to get you off her hands and get you out of the house?
7:00 am
>> oh, absolutely. she does love me a lot but she loves me away. >> please re-elect gerald. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that's awesome. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. cnn redraws the election map. florida and nevada now too close to call. they had been leaning democratic but by our count if the election were held today, clinton still has more than enough electoral votes locked down to win. but with a dozen days before voters head to the polls, the campaigns are stomping on the gas. donald trump has three stops in the critical state of ohio. hillary clinton appears in north carolina with her not so secret weapon, michelle obama. trump this morning doubling down, there will be no guarantees if he loses. >> if she wins, are you prepared to -- >> i just wan


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